WYTHIN is helping people passionately pursue and fulfill their potential. This is a movement guiding humanity deeper into itself, connecting people to their inner purpose, thereby, allowing and inspiring them to fulfill their potential.

Sid Yoga Center has teamed up with the founder of WYTHIN to create the non-profit leg, WYTHIN: The Truth Lives. This partnership was created to bring the elements of spirit, mind, body and unity to children. The mission is to embolden youth on the journey of growth by providing them with foundational techniques of empowerment in mind and body.The end result is to inspire the healthiest, happiest, most peaceful and loving self- one that feels connected to humanity on a fundamental level. We hope to set our youth free to the truth that lies within.

  • Yoga helps individuals with anxiety, confidence, and stress relief.
  • Yoga integrates moral and admirable social norms into a community
  • Yoga promotes cohesiveness within a community
  • Yoga improves physical health of a community making it healthier, happier, and more productive.
  • A worldwide exchange of ideas and practices through yoga promotes additional social work
  • Bringing yoga to a community brings a new positive industry providing financial security to more individuals



Our team goes into schools for a day-long workshop to teach kids through interactive classes how to increase their ability to connect with, activate, and utilize their internal power, thus helping to raise their self-esteem and compassion in interacting with others. They learn specific techniques to implement, like meditation, in order to reduce anxiety and stress. All children will participate in a complete Sid Yoga class, and then engage in discussions about healthy body image, self-care, and nutrition, emphasizing organic and whole foods. The afternoon is spent acting in unity through the completion of a pre-planned service project, either at the school or within the larger community. The day ends with a school assembly, allowing those who participated an opportunity to share their experience. The kids are left with donated gifts and a challenge to continue the process of power and growth in mind, body, and unity after our team has departed.



GO WYTHIN: Flow for a Cause with our Teacher Trainees!

WHEN: Saturday, August 24th, 2013 @ 6:30- 8:00 PM

WHERE: 321 York Road, Towson, MD 21204

COST: Donation based: 100% of donations given to WYTHIN

We invite you to join us for an inspiring flow to promote empowerment, growth, and unity of spirit,  mind, and body  in today’s youth. 

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This special class will be taught and led by our recent 200 hour Teacher Trainees & graduates!
We hope to set our youth free to the truth that lies within!

Our outreach programs are powered by the involvement of our community. If you are unable to attend the fundraising class, we are currently working to grow our program to include more schools and centers, and we are always looking for volunteers! To become a program volunteer, contact us and express your interest. You can also make a donation today that will support the continued evolution of our programs. Your donation will provide yoga mats, yoga resources, and overall financial support. Together we can achieve more!



Sid Yoga Center
Community Outreach Coordinator, Lara Martin