A Course In Miracles: Live Conference w/ Sid McNairy
May 17 2016 @ 8:00 pm – May 16 2017 @ 9:00 pm


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Join Sid McNairy for A Course in Miracles. Through the teachings of forgiveness, and our beliefs about oneness and separation, we can change our minds about what holds us back in life. The Course teaches us how to know ourselves and how to unlearn all of those things which interfere with our recognition of who we are and always have been. The foundation for A Course in Miracles is peace. Learn how to use the Course in Miracles to facilitate a new perspective to living at oneness, and how to walk in abundant joy.

We will meet one Tuesday of each month from 8-9pm, for a total of 13 meetings. The dates are as follows:

May 17
June 14
July 12th
August 2nd
September 13th
October 4th
November 1st
December 13th
January 10th
February 14th
March 7th
April 11th
May 16th


Learn more about The Course HERE!

To be prepared for each meeting it is recommended that you:
1. Keep a journal
2. Read “A Course in Miracles”, by Foundation for Inner Peace: Teachers manual, text, and workbook.


Yoga & Life Empowerment: 6 week self-study yoga program @ Sid Yoga Center
Jan 22 @ 8:30 pm – Mar 5 @ 9:30 pm

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 A complete journey for your mind, body & spirit!

Meeting dates: 7 consecutive Sundays beginning Sunday, January 22nd to Sunday, March 5th. Meeting time: 8:30pm

What the weekly meetings entail: Dynamic discussions and sharing on the week’s relative topic of study. We have interactive group sharing and group activity to practice these areas of empowerment in your daily life.

Yoga & Life Empowerment, Sid McNairy’s published book, is designed for beginning and advanced yoga practitioners alike. It is a personal 6-week guide for anyone seeking a positive change in their life by transcending negative thought patterns and finding both physical and spiritual strength. Empowerment & beyond brings out the spiritual practice of Power Yoga. This timeless program asks that you commit to your yoga practice, meditation, mindful eating and shifting your life.

The experience:
  • Weekly group meetings led by SYC teachers will occur on a teleconference call session. When you register for the program you will receive the teleconference call phone number to access the group call.
  • Receive weekly e-mails with Yoga & Life Empowerment weekly course work and reminders to inspire you for the week.
  • Join a GLOBAL group of individuals who are curious and committed like yourself to lead an empowered and heart centered life!
“Drop the baggage you carry around, get rid of habits that aren’t serving you, and renew your presence in each moment. The time is now to live from your power.”
-Sid McNairy
Begin now and you will have access to a community that supports one another, grows together, sweats together and stays together. If you have felt stuck recently, unsure of your next step, or just want to become more powerful within, this is your program. Yoga & Life Empowerment is for all ages, all genders, all people from all walks of life. Discover your true self and awaken the power within.The time is now. Be fearless. Make this the best year of your life!
Weekly self-study topics
Three-day fruit fast
Weekly meetings (Sundays @830pm)
Group support
Food intake evaluation
When you register for the program you will receive the conference call phone number information.
Cost: FREE for members or anyone with a multi-class pack
$108 pre-register/ $54 college student


Healing Expo @ Sid Yoga Center
Feb 4 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Healing expo has been brought forward so you can take part in how it fits best to elevate you. We have several modalities to support you in every way.
It all starts at 11:00am.
Joytish Astology Reading $150
Medium reading: 15 minutes $30 / 30 minutes $45 / 60 minutes $70
Aura photo $45 reading
Reiki Sessions $30 for 30-minute sessions,
Other modalities will be available
Call today and reserve your time (410)321-9642 or email Coral at

Beginner Workshop @ Sid Yoga Center
Feb 5 @ 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

You will learn the foundations of the practice while finding the joy of yoga. You will be guided through a series of movements including poses such as Warrior I and II, Chattarunga, Eagle, Triangle, Tree, Bridge, Wheel, Pigeon, and much more. Come and experience this in-depth concentration and feel the power as you are guided through the flow.

Appropriate for those brand new to yoga and/or the studio, as well as those seeking to learn more basic principles.
Cost: Pre-register $15 / Door Price $25

Juicing Workshop @ Sid Yoga Center
Feb 11 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Juicing has increased in popularity due to its wonderfully delicious and powerfully apparent health benefits. Drinking fresh juice is a great way to detox, increase energy, lose weight, increase mental clarity and other health goals.
Come learn about the power of juicing! The health benefits, various recipes and different ways to juice that work for you!

Workshop will include samples and printed recipes.

Pre-register: $15
In Studio: $25

Partner Workshop @ Sid Yoga Center
Feb 11 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

The Partner Yoga Workshop is designed for individuals, friends or couples. Partner yoga positions utilize the forms and principles of individual postures while incorporating the presence of another person to deepen the impact of the pose. Sid and Morag will guide you through this special 2 hour event with partner postures.

Through creation, faith and play this workshop will leave you with a deeper understanding of your own practice and invigorated from the excitement explored on your mat.

Using additional techniques of AcroYoga, you will get ready to FLY!

Cost: register as a couple ($35 pre-register / $40 at the door)


Donation Based Phase I Teacher Training Program- February @ Krigsman Yoga
Feb 12 – Feb 19 all-day


 Krigsman Yoga

Boston, MA

 February 12- February 19, 2017

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 Learn to lead, teach and inspire others.

An empowering process for those wanting to teach yoga in your community and world. Are you a current yoga teacher looking to master your skills, or a yoga student seeking to delve deeper in your practice? Our weeklong trainings are a great opportunity to capture these goals. This program composes the first part of 200hour teacher training.


The goal of this week is “Establishing power for yourself and others.” In this week you will:
  • Experience the foundations of assisting/adjusting
  • Experience the anatomy of yoga postures and movement of the body
  • Experience the Yoga Sutras and philosophy of the Sid Yoga “Empowerment and Beyond” sequence
  • Experience the depth and versatility of practicing yoga
  • Experience a translation of the timeless teachings into a current classroom experience
  • Experience voice coaching
  • Learning sequencing basics
  • Practice your teaching skills through live teaching sessions to your peers
  • Receive feedback throughout the program
This weeklong session is an inward journey that brings the focus to the internal by recognizing where we hold back, and where we can break through.
Program led by: Sid McNairy
2/12: 3pm- 10pm
2/13-2/18: 8am-9pm
2/19: 8am- 3pm


 Questions? Send us an e-mail at


Empowerment Workshop For Mothers & Daughters @ Sid Yoga Center
Feb 19 @ 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

This workshop is designed for girls 9 – 14 years old and the Mom or guardian in their life. Come together to connect to one another and awaken to a freedom to live an empowered life.

Through this workshop participants will:
practice mindfulness
increase awareness
learn to discover the truth inside
create a positive approach to their future
move through a yoga sequence
connect to family to increase a connection beyond the workshop
Cost: $40 pre-register / $50 at the door

No yoga experience necessary.


Healing Breath @ Sid Yoga Center
Feb 24 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Come take the journey of breath to your soul. Learn to use your breath for emotional release, mental clarity, and physical freedom. In this workshop you will be guided by through a healing practice guided by Sid McNairy. This practice will deepen your meditation experience as you clear the subtle body energy and open up your chakras to connect to your highest source. Through this process you will find freedom and connection. You will experience •a pranayama practice •conscious breathing •a journey within This experience is appropriate for everyone and will leave you with clarity, inner peace and connection to yourself.

Cost: $30 pre-register / $40 day of the workshopHealingBreath

Arm Balance Workshop @ Sid Yoga Center
Feb 26 @ 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Curious about arm balances and how you can access these empowering postures? We’ll begin with a Vinyasa warm-up emphasizing the cornerstones of successful arm balances: Core, Open Shoulders and Balance; 3 essentials to lift-off.
Our final hour finds us exploring arm balances in deeper detail. We’ll learn the essentials to have you soaring into postures such as bakasana (crow), flying pigeon, side crow, firefly, forearm balance, and more.

This is a 2 hour workshop/yoga intensive that explores the foundations of arm balancing, and gives you tips and tricks to get your wings open and your body off the ground.

Bring your questions and take home a refreshed spirit and richer awareness of these striking asanas. Arm balances are liberating postures that teach us not only about our intrinsic power but about our innate playfulness, courage, fearlessness and agility.

Cost: Pre Register: $25, At Door: $35float-to-fly