Nahi Warrior Path Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains @ Sevenoaks Retreat Center
Aug 10 – Aug 14 all-day

Nahi Warrior Path Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains

“Bringing the Nahi Warrior to Your Yoga Practice”
Join us for the first annual “Awaken Your Spirit” weekend retreat August, 10-14th 2017. Located at Seven Oaks Retreat Center, amidst the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of Virgina. On the journey of yoga many look to tap deeper into their spirit, and this is a getaway to bring the spiritual aspect of yoga to your practice.

Group Activities Include:
-Yoga Classes
-Breakout Sessions
-Sweat Lodge

Payment Options: Includes lodging, all activities, and 8 gourmet healthy meals.
Deposit ($200 non-refundable) and room request due upon registration. Please e-mail to let us know who you would like to room with if you have a preference. Accommodation options are:
*Camping: You may bring tents and sleeping bags to enjoy the outdoors and camp in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The grounds include over 120 acres of expansive wooded area bordered by the Radian River. Full shower and restroom facilities located in the Center Building for campers to use. Cost: ($200 deposit + $250 total tuition = $450)
*Dormitory Style Room: Located in the Lighthouse building, this option is a co-ed dormitory-style group room. The Lighthouse room sleeps seven comfortably. Men’s and women shower and restroom facilities located directly outside room. This building has a separate living/breakout room, the art gallery, and the beautiful group sanctuary room. There are 7 spaces for this accommodation. Cost: ($200 deposit + $537, total tuition = $737 per person)
*Holly and Oak House: These charming private homes are nestled among the seven old oaks trees. These cozy homes have multiple bedrooms. Full bathrooms, living area spaces, and kitchenettes are also part of the homes. All rooms are double occupancy. Once registered you will be assigned a room, please let us know if you have a roommate you would like to be assigned with, or one of the same gender will be assigned. (Cost: $200 deposit + $637, total tuition = $837 per person.)

Retreat location: Sevenoaks Retreat Center, a serene beautiful sanctuary know for healing and wellness retreats. Here you will find amazing grounds, peaceful facilities, and healthy eating. Please visit for more information.

Getting there: Located in Virgina, this center is a short 3 hour car ride from Baltimore. Sevenoaks is located at 403 Pathwork Way, Madison, VA 22727

Sample Schedule:
-Yoga Practice with Sid
-Group session
-Free time to explore, swim, rest and relaxation
-Yoga Practice with Sid

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