September – November 2014

Way of Being Challenge @ Sid Yoga Center Towson
Sep 21 @ 5:00 pm – Nov 1 @ 5:15 pm


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Way of Being Challenge

A 6 week challenge to transform yourself and create a new way of being that best serves your highest self!

This challenge has been created by Sid Yoga Center instructors with a mission to create ripples throughout the world! The Way of Being Challenge is different from your typical yoga asana challenge. We are presenting an opportunity for you to transform yourself and all who partake.  What this challenge will look like is each day a Sid Yoga Center instructor will make a Facebook and Instagram post to present the daily challenge.  You will then accept the challenge and witness how it uplifts you that day.  You will carry each challenge with you into the next day and continue to add on small, little efforts that add up to something so much bigger than ourselves!  From meditating 5 minutes a day to increasing your daily water and whole foods intake to small gestures like sending a compliment to some else, a day of no complaining, creating time to turn your cell phone off each day, and so many more new traits to adopt in your daily life! Repetition is key, so following this challenge will help you witness what helps to serve your highest self!

How it works:
  1. Sign up!
  2. Attend group meeting #1 for the community opening
  3. Like Sid Yoga’s Facebook page and follow Sid Yoga on our Instagram @sidyoga to check out the daily challenge
  4. Post a picture or video of yourself doing the daily challenge with #PeopleofSidYoga
  5. Each challenge that is presented will carry with you into the next day
  6. Practice at Sid Yoga Center each day using your 6 week Way of Being Challenge unlimited pass (Towson or Fed Hill studio)
  7. Witness as you become more aware of your way of being both on and off the mat and find peace, love and freedom


Way of Being Challenge is 6 weeks long, beginning September 21st

9/21/2014 – 11/01/2014

One group meeting: 

  • Sunday, September 21st @ 5:00 pm

Cost:  Non-Members: $275 , Auto Renew Members: $50 + monthly charges

 **  Includes 6 weeks of daily yoga at Sid Yoga Center with inspiring classes, one group meeting, support from all SYC teachers, a Way of Being Challenge shirt, and the support of your Sid Yoga community!!

Daily Check In: 

There will be a Way of Being Challenge Check In Board set up in the studio so we can make the commitment together, grow together and support one another!

Empowerment & Beyond: A 6-week self-study yoga program practicing reflection, wisdom and peace @ Sid Yoga Center Towson
Oct 5 @ 8:30 pm – Nov 16 @ 9:45 pm

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A complete journey for your mind, body, spirit

Empowerment & Beyond, Sid McNairy’s published book, is designed for beginning and advanced yoga practitioners alike. It is a personal 6-week guide for anyone seeking a positive change in their life by transcending negative thought patterns and finding both physical and spiritual strength.  Empowerment & beyond brings out the spiritual practice of Power Yoga. This timeless program asks that you commit to your yoga practice, meditation, mindful eating and shifting your life.
“Drop the baggage you carry around, get rid of habits that aren’t serving you, and renew your presence in each moment. The time is now to live from your power.”
-Sid McNairy

Begin now and you will have access to a community that supports one another, grows together, sweats together and stays together. If you have felt stuck recently, unsure of your next step, or just want to become more powerful within, this is your program. Empowerment & Beyond is for all ages, all genders, all people from all walks of life. Discover your true self and awaken the power within.

The time is now. Be fearless. Make this the best year of your life!


  • Weekly self-study topics
  • Three-day fruit fast
  • Weekly meetings
  • Group support
  • Food intake evaluation
  • Journaling

Meeting dates: 7 consecutive Sundays, including the start and end dates

Meeting times: 8:30pm- 9:45pm each meeting

What the weekly meetings entail: Dynamic discussions and sharing on the week’s relative topic of study. We have interactive group sharing and group activity to practice these areas of empowerment in your daily life.

Cost: $225 / $125 with student ID or for repeat participants

Beginner Class Series @ Sid Yoga Center
Nov 8 @ 10:00 am – Dec 13 @ 11:00 am

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Taught by: Sherri Weinman

This 6-week (6 class) series will get you grounded into the flow. The workshop gives those new to yoga an opportunity to practice in a slower environment, and learn tools to support their practice. Consider this your introduction to Power Yoga.

Each week will focus on a specific series of the practice, as we break down the poses step by step. Learn the principles of alignment in each posture, and how to move from pose to pose with greater ease and fluidity. Appropriate for those brand new to yoga and/or the studio, as well as those seeking to learn more basic principles.
From these classes you will leave feeling refreshed, invigorated, and confident in the elements of the practice.
  • Date: November 8th – December 13th
  • Days: Saturdays
  • Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am
  • Cost: $60 for 6 classes.

Registration is for all 6 classes in this 6-week program.

Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils @ Sid Yoga Center Towson studio
Nov 9 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm


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Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils!!

Taught By: Katie Bell

We have 7 chakras that run through the center of our body, these are our energy centers.  Throughout life and our daily routines these Chakras can become unbalanced.  This workshop is going to teach you how to balance your Chakra using Essential Oils. Essential Oils have been around for thousands of years and they are powerful healers.
You will experience an introduction to Essential Oils and then begin balancing your Chakras
Imagine a day when your chakras are completely activated and balanced. Your body is feeling energetic and light. Your mind, clear and focused, your soul awakened.
This is an experience you want to attend, sign up today!
Cost: $10 Pre-Registration / $20 Workshop at the Door
Club Yoga @ Sid Yoga Center
Nov 14 @ 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm

club yoga

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Beats. Flow. Energy. Glow sticks.

 Led by: Sid McNairy IV


Celebrate life! Club Yoga is a place to join as a community with a yoga flow to find your power and freedom. music that will move your energy to a whole other level!

You will be moving through the the Sid Yoga power vinyasa flow incorporating postures to release inner blocks and get your body loose. What you will get from this class is an open mind to becoming non judgmental in your own practice. Not to mention a deep sweat, a deep feeling of invigoration, and a deep sense of aliveness. The same feeling that comes to you when you are out dancing the night away with your friends can be found here at Club Yoga. This is a new way to find your freedom and vitality.

The workshop will be set in a fun environment with club lights, glow bracelets, and of course some brand new energetic music you’ve never heard before!

Cost: $10 pre-register /  $20 door price

Beginner Workshop @ Sid Yoga
Nov 23 @ 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

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Time to get you grounded into the flow.

Taught by: Liz Hahn


You will learn the foundations of the practice while finding the joy of yoga. You will be guided through a series of movements including poses such as Warrior I and II, Chattarunga, Eagle, Triangle, Tree, Bridge, Wheel, Pigeon, and much more. Come and experience this in-depth concentration and feel the power as you are guided through the flow.

Appropriate for those brand new to yoga and/or the studio, as well as those seeking to learn more basic principles.

Cost: $20 pre-register  / $30 door price