Sid Yoga Associated Teachers have completed teacher training directly with Sid Yoga and are approved through an intensive application process to represent Sid Yoga both on and off the mat.

Each year, Associated Teachers are required to complete continued education with Sid Yoga, and in return receive continued support and unique opportunities to grow as a teacher.


Find an Associated Teacher Near You!


user Lisa Gardiner (R)
user Julie Leigh (R) Huntington Beach Hot Yoga


userMariah Schuette (R) Vail Athletic Club


userLinnea Camerota (R) Mystic Yoga Shala
userKrystal Kornegay (R) Mystic Yoga Shala
userSue MacClain (R) Mystic Yoga Shala
userLacy Martin (R) Mystic Yoga Shala
userSue Thomas (R) Mystic Yoga Shala
userVita Wayman (R) Mystic Yoga Shala
userKatie Zisk (R) Mystic Yoga Shala


userBreanna Tivis (R) Sid Yoga
userTiffini Tivis (R) Sid Yoga


userDorianne Aillery (R) Sid Yoga
userMandy Bennett (R) Sid Yoga
userSam Breschi (R) Prana Studio
userMelisa Deane (C) Sid Yoga
userAli Dietrich (R) Sid Yoga
userSara Dobbie (R) Sid Yoga
userAlisa Esposito (C) Sid Yoga
userTracy Fassio (R) Sid Yoga
userNilvis Frederick (R) Sid Yoga
userNicole Hladky (C) Sid Yoga
userMegan Kyne (R) Sid Yoga
userJackie Melsopp (R) Sid Yoga
userKatika Mercer (R) Sid Yoga
userKelsey Pachino (R) Sid Yoga
userDiana Pancu (C) Sid Yoga
userLiz Rupp (R) Sid Yoga
userAdriana Saldana (R) Sid Yoga
userAmy Smith (R) Sid Yoga
userMary Spinoso (R) Sid Yoga
userChelsea Timmons (R) Sid Yoga
userDerek Waddy (R) Sid Yoga
userKen Wong (R) Sid Yoga

New Jersey

userLora Brown (R)

New York

userAllegra Romita (R) Sid Yoga

North Carolina

userMackenzie Craig (R) Patanjalis Place


userLora Brown (R) AFC Fitness


South Carolina

userSam Scaffidi (R) Sid Yoga


userKatee Luecke (R) Africa
userBryce Oakes (R) Australia

user(C) Certified – Instructor that has finished 500 hour training and has completed certification
user(R) Registered – Instructor that has finished 200 hour training and completed registered instructor requirements


An Associated Teacher truly embodies the heart and spirit of what it means to empower others both on and off the yoga mat. As a teacher of yoga, Associated Teachers teach power, grace, commitment, focus, action, insight and inspiration. Our Associated Teachers are ready to go do it now and are empowering themselves every day to be that example for others. Associated Teachers are specifically committed to spreading Sid Yoga’s mission of growth, community, and peace. Find an Associated Teacher near you, or connect with them at one of our upcoming events.


Benefits as an AY Associated Teacher


Community. Access to a worldwide team of teachers who share like minded goals, visions and yoga teachings as you. Connection to create a greater community. We welcome you to a worldwide community of inspiring teachers who are committed to bringing others personal empowerment through yoga. Together we can create positive ripples !around the world. By becoming a registered teacher with Sid Yoga, we can co-create to bring action to our goals.

Growth. Every year Sid Yoga holds workshops, teacher trainings and events in Sid Yoga Center and studios/centers around the world. You are invited to assist their events, as well as co-create events with Sid Yoga. As a student of yoga, you can attend these events at a discounted rate.

Support. We are available to assist you with your yoga business, practice and teaching questions, whether it is through the phone or e-mail.

Visibility. Your personal bio and headshot will be listed on our website and updated annually, including where people can find you teaching. This gives you credibility to your teaching and exposure to all who access our site.


Requirements to become an Associated Teacher


Registered Teacher

• Completed the 200 hour Teacher Training with Sid Yoga including Empowerment & Beyond, and all post-program work.
• Complete the Registered Teacher application
• ANNUAL REQUIREMENTS: Once accepted, maintain your annual continued education requirements: Attend Empowerment & Beyond (live or phone conference),
and 10 hours of study with Sid McNairy as a student and/or assistant, $100 annual fee


Certified Teacher

• Completed the 500 hour Teacher Training with Sid Yoga, including Empowerment & Beyond, and all post program work.
• Complete the Certified Teacher application
• ANNUAL REQUIREMENTS: Once accepted, maintain your annual continued education requirements: Attend Empowerment & Beyond (live or phone conference),
and 15 hours of study with Sid McNairy as a student and/or assistant, $75 annual fee
• UNIQUE BENEFIT: In addition to the above benefits, certified teachers have an opportunity to co-facilitate, and learn to facilitate programs and trainings alongside a program facilitator. Opportunity to co-create events within the Sid Yoga community.



Click here to download your Sid Yoga REGISTERED Teacher Application
Click here to download your Sid Yoga CERTIFIED Teacher Application