The Teacher Mentor Program (TMP) with Sid Yoga is an exceptional and unique program designed to give you the support, growth and platform to launch forward as an authentic and empowered teacher of yoga. An effective way to refine your skills, the TMP will help you gain the confidence necessary to teach with impact to all levels of students.

Whether you have recently finished a teacher training, or have been teaching for several years strong, powerful teachers are first powerful students. With highly experienced and devoted teachers, your mentor will be a guide and partner to your overall enhancement. You will learn and practice skills to contribute fully to the expression of your students both on and off the mat. Get ready to shine, teach from your heart with truth, inspire your students, refresh your skills with passion and transform your teaching.

CHOOSE YOUR TRACK:    With two different tracks to choose from, our program offers a diverse range of tools for your teaching and personal goals.  Each track is designed for you to enhance your skills as a teacher and guide others in a powerful and authentic way. To help you decide which track to choose, consider where you are in your yoga teaching journey, what you want from yoga, your current areas for growth as a teacher, and the time commitment for the program.


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  • Business of yoga: Marketing, ethics and professionalism
  • Create your teaching philosophy
  • Enhance your teaching techniques
  • Developing strengths & overcoming 10 common pitfalls of a yoga teacher
  • Classroom management & scenarios
  • Live evaluation/feedback of your teaching
  • In-class assisting work(only at Sid Yoga Center)
  • Live it to give it: Living your yoga on and off the mat


Completed a 200-hour Teacher Training with Sid Yoga, or any approved yoga school.

Commitment length: 2 months

Your mentor: A Sid Yoga Senior Teacher. Requests for a specific mentor as accepted with your application.

What you receive:

  • Weekly meetings with your mentor on specified areas of discussion and study as mentioned above.
  • 1:1 mentorship experience for your specific goals
  • Classroom assisting & practice teaching, once per week in your mentor’s classes
  • Feedback sessions and personal empowerment work
  • Live video evaluation and enhancement of your teaching techniques


Schedule:  Your weekly meetings and assisting schedule are flexible, yet planned, and coordinated between you and your mentor.

Program tuition: $800 includes all of the above plus unlimited yoga classes at SYC during the two months.

$600 if you are completing the program out-of-area.


The teacher mentor program at Sid Yoga Center is a great way to transition out of any teacher training program. The structure of the program is set up like an internship. You learn a lot about the business side of yoga and you continue on the journey towards finding out how to express yourself authentically through your teaching. You not only learn more about teaching the flow but you also learn how to present and market yourself as a teacher. This program goes into further depth about actual scenarios that occur in yoga class and answers questions that new teachers often have. I feel more grounded and proud of my teaching than ever before while still seeing the road ahead of me full of growth. Lindsay definitely knows her stuff! It was a great experience with a great teacher and role model. – Ariel Ross


  • Business practices: Owning/managing a yoga studio
  • Around the world: Traveling to teach yoga
  • Creating powerful experiences in the classroom
  • Dharma Training: Discovering and mastering your art
  • Generate your niche as a yoga teacher
  • Develop powerful workshops & events that are an expression of yourself
  • Building your presence with yoga videos and audio classes
  • Live it to give it: Living your yoga on and off the mat
  • Evaluation/feedback of your teaching
  • Learn to weave your physical classes with spirituality and inspiration

Completed a minimum 200-hour Teacher Training with Sid Yoga or any approved yoga school.

Commitment length: 12 months

Your mentor: Sid McNairy

What you receive:

  • Monthly meetings on specified areas of study / discussion as mentioned above.
  • Live video evaluation and enhancement of your teaching techniques.
  • 1:1 mentorship experience with Sid, and sometimes in small groups of fellow mentees, with a maximum group size of 3 people.
  • Empowerment and support to launch your mission and vision in to reality

Program tuition: $1,500 includes all of the above training specifically with Sid McNairy as your program Mentor.



Complete the application and submit via e-mail, mail, or in person.

Once your application is received, you will be notified of our response within one week.